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The H & S Davidson Trust was launched in 2004 with a goal of transforming the lives of very low income families, especially women and girls, by helping them to dramatically increase their income, empowerment and capability.

Who We Are: About Us
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Who we are

The H & S Davidson Trust (HSDT) is an entrepreneurial not-for-profit started in 2004 by Hugh and Sandra Davidson.  It is registered in the Isle of Man (Charity No. 908), where Hugh & Sandra live.

The Trust's primary objective is to transform the lives of very low income families, especially women and girls, by helping them to reach their full potential on a sustainable basis and thereby dramatically increasing their income, empowerment and capability. 

It started making grants in 2008 and has since donated over £3m.  85% of funding has gone to programs in the developing world.  15% of funds have gone to the Isle of Man, (mainly on educational programs connected with international development).

The Trust is self funding and was launched with funds from the sale of Oxford Strategic Marketing, a company Hugh co-founded.

Who We Are: Welcome

Our Process

In the past, the Trust’s implementation process was to undertake innovative and higher risk pilot tests which break new ground. 

Most HSDT programmes were for 5 years or more and involved partnering mainly with Oxfam and Save the Children, and often proven local NGOs.

The Trust routinely ran multi-year research panels completing hundreds of interviews with beneficiaries to ensure their voices were heard. 

Programme results were rigorously quantified with the aim of persuading larger organizations and governments to scale up high impact programmes more widely.

Who We Are: Welcome

A Period of Reflection

After completing our first 10 year plan the Trust began a period of reflection. 

We reviewed successes and failures and we commissioned the award-winning Jigsaw Research to complete a global survey on “Increasing Impact within International Development” in collaboration with Alliance Magazine and international development consultant, Barry Knight, who added great value. 

Based on our new learnings, the Trust has modified our implementation approach.  In future, we will fund local organizations rather than time limited projects and we will support programmes designed by people on the front line.

We will also help fund critical emergency aid programs which attract little media attention, and are therefore underfunded, through INGOs like Oxfam, Action Aid, Plan International and UNICEF.

Who We Are: Welcome
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