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As part of our commitment to reforming international development, our #RID programme has made four grants to help support efforts to ‘walk the walk’ on pathways to change.

#RID Partners: About Us


We are funding five partners whose attitudes and work demonstrate aspects of #RID’s “Four Pathways to Change” in practice, ie .supporting efforts at ‘walking the walk.’

HSDT has been funding the Global Fund for Community Foundations (GFCF) since 2022, and has made four further RID grants in 2024. A brief summary of the five partners involved is given below:

#RID Partners: Features


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This new organization has recently been set up by leaders of many significant international NGO’s (INGOs). Pledge for Change recognizes that INGOs need to fundamentally change their future role, in line with the findings of the Jigsaw research.

Pledge for Change 2030 is re-imagining the role of INGOs and seeking to build a stronger ecosystem based on the principles of solidarity, humility, self-determination and equality.

To date,13 INGO Signatories have committed to equitable partnerships, authentic storytelling and influencing wider sector change. 

H&S Davidson Trust is delighted to become the first Pledge for Change Supporter to provide funding to help Pledge for Change’s efforts to transform INGOs. 


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ADD International's purpose is to support the Disability Justice Movement to thrive. Its mission is to strengthen disability rights activists & organizations. Disabled people know the best solutions and ADD is shifting the power to enable them to define and fund their greatest needs. ADD supports disability justice activists in Africa and Asia. Its new approach especially addresses the issues of equal voices, collaboration and less restricted funding.

ADD International’s ten-year strategy will see ADD reduce its role yet increase the flow of resources and power to disability justice movements.

ADD is committed to documenting and sharing its transformation experience so it helps inspire and inform others.  


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Fair Funding Solutions is a new organisation, committed to co-creating practical solutions which create better funding and more equitable partnerships.

Building on existing work, Fair Funding Solutions is developing a Global Compact where grants are either unrestricted or cover their full costs, where funders and grantees collaborate to passport due diligence, and where funders harmonise their financial reporting requirements and rely on a single audit for their assurance. 


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The Inclusion Fund, by Alliance Magazine, will amplify the voices and influence of grass roots organisations from the non-english speaking world by assisting with translations, content creation and the publishing of their views and insights on reforming international development.

It will enable important new voices to be heard for the first time, since articles in local languages will be translated into English, and awards made for inclusion in Alliance Magazine.

The Inclusion Fund seeks to challenge top down approaches and attitudes by removing some of the financial and language barriers which limit community and activist participation.  It will help increase the number of rarely heard voices.


Global Fund for Community Foundations (GFCF) (1).png

This grant illustrates all four elements in #RID's “ Pathways to Change”, including more 'balanced funding', or as we see it in practice, 'light touch' funding.

In 2022, HSDT agreed a five year program with GFCF. Like our other partners, we did our own due diligence and were impressed by GFCF and the positive impact it was having.

Each year there will be a grant to a different local community partner, to support its work to build local constituencies and public support. The purpose of the programme is to demonstrate and support hyper-local action. The light touch approach with GFCF is demonstrated through, for example, a simple one page proposal for the programme, which was time efficient for GFCF while being sufficient for HSDT approval purposes.

Another example of the light touch approach is the programme's pragmatic reporting, involving a short, 2 to 3 page annual report and one online call with HSDT and the local partner funded in that particular year.  This is proving to be both time efficient and practical.

By the end of five years, GFCF will produce an external facing report telling the story of long term change. This would combine individual stories of community-driven development and its potential, as well as other stories and examples which can be woven into a bigger story about long term systems change.

The Year 1 program with Nagarak Aawaz, an inspirational peace-building community collaboration in Nepal, has been successfully completed and a Year 2 recipient has been selected, Ikhala Trust, from South Africa

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