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Aug 12, 2023

Bruce Davidson, 55, is taking on the role of chairperson at HSDT Trust, bringing with him nearly 30 years of expertise in environmental impact assessment.

Already a Trustee for over 10 years, Bruce has visited trust projects around the world and most recently has been spearheading the Trust's Reforming International Development project.

Bruce is a senior partner at ERM and has an MSc (with Distinction) in Environmental Assessment and Management from Oxford Brookes University and a BSc in Transport Management from Loughborough.

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Sep 15, 2023

Alliance Magazine, building on work by the team at the H&S Davidson Trust, is supporting work to collectively identify what a new international development system could look like and what we need to do to obtain it.

Recent articles include "An End to Aid Failure" by Barry Knight,  

ccc "10 Reasons to Reform International Development" by Moses Isooba and "Shifting power starts at home – transforming our organisation to transform the world" by B de Gersigny and Eva Rehse 

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